The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope would like to congratulate the Southwest Arkansas Career Coaches, who are housed on the UACCH campus, for winning two awards for their work in area high schools.   Britta Clark was recognized for having the largest percentage increase in the college going rate for Lafayette County High School.  With the help of Clark, Lafayette’s college going rate increased from 30.2% to 56.6%.  Lindsey Hughey was recognized for having the largest percentage increase in the number of students enrolled in Smart Core at Hope High School.  The Smart Core Enrollment at HHS went from 62.14% to 94.21%.   

The Career Coaches at UACCH are lead by Edessa Walton and are known around Arkansas as the best team in the state.  UACCH is pleased to have these Career Coaches helping students in Southwest Arkansas explore their career options and develop plans to accomplish their dreams.  Arkansas Works is a pilot program, funded by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services through TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) funding.  The program is designed to motivate and support Arkansas students from the 21 identified counties in their pursuit of career preparation and/ or a college degree. Students in the 8th – 12th grade are served by Career Coaches, who have been assigned to their middle and high schools. The Arkansas Works program and Career Coaches provide assistance and information for resources in the areas of: academic tutoring, career counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and other supports necessary for career educational access and retention.  

The UACCH Career Coaches have worked with students in the public schools in Hempstead, Lafayette, and Nevada Counties.  Their success is credited to the students who are willing to seek assistance and the partnership of the school administrations to allow these career coaches on-campus to work with students. 

Please help UACCH congratulate the Arkansas Works Career Coaches on the good job they have done for our students. For more information about UACCH, visit the College website at    

 Pictured are William L. “Bill” Walker, Director of Arkansas Department of Career Education; Britta Clark, Arkansas Works Career Coach; Sonja Wright-McMurray, Associate Director for Arkansas Works (ACE); and Dr. Robert Gunter, Deputy Director for Career and Technical Education.