The Arkansas Lottery Scholarship pays more than the cost of tuition and fees at UACCH!

UACCH is the right choice!

$2,000 per year
to attend UACCH

tuition & fees cost
your low cost! 
Tuition & Fees represent
UACCH In-County rate.


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Scholarship Criteria Brief:

  • Open to high school seniors, current achievers, and non-traditional students.
  • Applicants must be an Arkansas resident (minimum 12 months) and a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Applicants must be accepted for admission at an approved institution of higher education as a full time or part time student in a program of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, qualified certificate or nursing school diploma.
  • Certain high school grade point averages and/or ACT composite scores are required.
  • Go to http://www.adhe.edu/Pages/home.aspx to see all requirements and complete the application.
  • APPLY EARLY!!! For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid at 870-722-8265.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Requirements

For more information on the Arkansas Academic Challenge Lottery Scholarship, please visit www.adhe.edu.