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The American Recovery Plan (ARP) Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF III) provides emergency funding to universities and colleges to assist students in need during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, this funding was known as the CARES Act Funding, and in the Spring 2021 semester the funding was called CRRSAA.

UAHT has disbursed ARP HEERF III Emergency Relief Fund grants to eligible students to help cover any expenses related to the cost of attendance (i.e., food, housing and utilities, health insurance including mental health care, transportation, or childcare) or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus. 
Funds from the ARP HEERF III Emergency Relief Fund are not considered financial aid and do not affect a student’s current or future financial aid eligibility. Per the U.S. Department of Education, institutions are required to prioritize grants to students with exceptional financial need, such as those who receive Pell Grants.  The grants have been processed and were mailed via check to the address on file in the student information system on March 11, 2022. 

Students received an ARP student emergency grant who were enrolled in the Spring 2022 semester as of February 10, 2022.  Students did not need to take any action to receive an ARP student grant other than to be enrolled at UAHT.   UAHT distributed the funding to all eligible students to assist with educational costs and other financial challenges related to COVID-19.  Award amounts were based on financial need and enrollment status (full-time or part-time). The student emergency grant awards were as follows: 

ARP student grant awards for the fall semester were provided as follows:   

  • $2,000 for full-time Pell eligible students 
  • $1,500 for full-time non-Pell eligible students 
  • $1,300 for part-time Pell eligible students 
  • $800 for part-time non-Pell eligible students 
  • $300 for concurrent/dual-enrollment students 

Checks were issued to students for the full amount for which they qualified – no tuition or fees was deducted from ARP student grants.  If students wish to have their ARP student grant applied to their student account for any unpaid balance for the Spring 2022 semester, they must endorse their check to the College.  Please write on the back of the check “Payable to UAHT” and then sign your name.  Bring the check to the business office on the Hope campus, the front desk in TKA on the Texarkana campus, or mail it to P.O. Box 140, Hope, AR 71802-0140. 


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