The Technical Certificate in Power Plant Operations is an employment ready certificate or can be applied as a component of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Power Plant. This option takes thirty-five credit hours of study and qualifies students for entry level operations positions within the power industry.

Course Requirements Credit Hours
GTAS 1112 General Tool and Safety
PWRT 1003 Fundamentals of Modern Power Plants
PWRT 1013 Basic Steam Generation
PWRT 1023 Power Plant Components and Systems
PWRO 1213 Intro to Power Plant Operations
ELEC 1104 Basic Electricity
Total     18
PWRO 1223 Concepts of Process Control
PWRO 1233 Concepts & Practices of Coal Handling
PWRO 1244 Electricity Generation Components & Controls
PWRO 1253 Thermodynamics
PWRO 1264 Heat Rate Improvement
Total 17