The Technical Certificate in Electromechanical Technology merges critical coursework in the fields of Industrial Multi-Craft Maintenance and Industrial Electricity and prepares students for jobs in these areas.

Course Requirements     Credit Hours 
Industrial Technology – Electrical    14 
ELEC  1104  Basic Electricity  4
ELEC  1204 Residential Wiring  4
ELEC  1303  National Electric Code  3
ELEC 1403 Industrial Motors and Controls 3
Industrial Technology-Mechanical 13
 ELEC 1104   Basic Electricity
INMT 1003 Blueprint Reading 3
INMT 1404  Mechanical Devices and Systems 4
GTAS 1112 General Tools and Safety 2
 INMT 1304  Programmable Control Logics  4
ELEC 1603 Industrial and Commercial Wiring 3
Technical Certificate in Electromechanical Technology includes both CP’s and above 7 credits

Other Electromechanical Technology options at UAHT:

Associate of Applied Science in Electromechanical Technology