This program aims to assist the student in gaining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for entry level employment in the maintenance and repair of commercial and residential facilities and their associated mechanical and electrical systems. This degree offers two Certificates of Proficiency (CP) and one Technical Certificate (TC) for those wanting to work as a building maintenance technician, a major appliance repair technician, HVAC repair technician, or a carpenter’s or painter’s helper.

The Technical Certificate in Commercial and Residential Equipment Maintenance and Repair is both an employment ready certificate and a component of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in General Technology. This option requires thirty one credit hours of study and qualifies students for immediate employment as an entry-level facilities maintenance technicians or major appliance repair technicians.

Required Courses Credit Hours
ELEC 1104 Basic Electricity 4
HVAC 1002 Tubing and Piping 2
CARE 1253 Basic Plumbing 3
GTAS 1112 General Tool & Safety 2
HVAC 1204 Principles of Refrigeration 4
CARE 1113 Kitchen Products 3
CARE 1123 Laundry Products 3
CARE 1243 Basic Carpentry & Painting 3
CARE 1233 Troubleshooting & Repair 3
INMT 1404 Mechanical Devices 4
HVAC 1503 Motors & Controls 3


Certificates in Commercial and Residential Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Certificate of Proficiency in Building Maintenance
Certificate of Proficiency in Major Appliances


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