The Certified Nursing Assistant Program provides courses of instruction and experience that will prepare individuals to be a qualified member of a health care team. This program is taught following the Arkansas Long Term Care Facility Nursing Assistant Training Curriculum.

CNA Application

Admission to the CNA courses will be determined based on a tiered acceptance:
Tier 1: Students who have successfully completed ENGL 1013 Composition I.
Tier 2: Students who have a score of 83 Reading on COMPASS or a score of 19 Reading on ACT. Students who have taken ENGL 0033 Reading or ENGL 0063 Literacy and ENGL 0053 Advanced Writing (Comp I ready by scores or coursework).
Tier 3: Students who score between 65-83 Reading on COMPASS or a score of 15-19 Reading on ACT may be accepted with the following: 1. Letter of Recommendation. 2. Seats available after admission of Tier 1 and 2 students. Any student accepted into the CNA courses must turn 18 years within 1 year of completion of the CNA courses in order to meet Office of Long Term Care testing policy. Students must complete the CNA Program Application and obtain a current Arkansas Health Card or Tuberculin Screening.

Course RequirementsCredit Hours
CNAP1001Nursing Assistant I
CNAP1004Nursing Assistant II
CNAP1101Nursing Assistant III
MEDL1021Heartsaver CPR/First Aid (or)
MEDL1001HCP CPR/First Aid

Students with criminal convictions, misdemeanors, crimes listed in Long-Term Care Employment Clearance Registry, recently engaged in drug-related behavior, or in the last two years been in chemical or alcohol dependency program must contact the Program Director prior to application to the program. Due to clinical placement requirements, the student criminal record may be reason for rejection or withdrawal of admission.

*CPR is not required for certification but is required for the Certificate of Proficiency.