Certificates of Proficiency are designed for students who want to earn specific skills in the Diesel Technology field within a short time frame. Normally, Certificates of Proficiency may be earned within one semester, but some will require more than one semester depending upon course scheduling.

Diesel Technology Tool List

Engine Systems    
Course Requirements     Credit Hours 
DIES  1104  Engine Systems 
DIES  1204  Diesel Engines 
DIES  1004  Basic Diesel 
Total      12 
Electrical Systems      
Course Requirements      
DIES  1304  Fuel Systems 
DIES  1404  Electrical Systems 
DIES  1414  Truck Electronics 
Total      12 
Chassis Systems      
Course Requirements      
DIES  2215  Trouble Shooting and Inspection 
DIES  2005  Suspension and Steering 
DIES  1004  Basic Diesel 
 Total     14 
Brakes/Power Train Systems      
Course Requirements      
DIES  2025  Brakes and Hydraulics 
DIES  2105  Clutches and Power Trains 
DIES  2204  Air Conditioning 
Total      14 

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