Child Development Associate coursework is intended to prepare the student for the final CDA Council Assessment to qualify for a Child Development Credential. The credential is awarded by the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C. The purpose of this course is to prepare the student who has 480 hours of experience or is currently working in a childcare center with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the student’s 120-hour coursework requirements for the CDA Assessment Application. Entrance requirements for CDA training are:

  1. Age 18 years or older;
  2. High school diploma or equivalent;
  3. Must score minimally 35 on Reading and 35 on English on the ASSET or 58 on Reading and 20 on English on the COMPASS examination. Students not meeting the ASSET or COMPASS score requirements will be placed in courses to prepare them before entering the Child Development Associate Program;
  4. Successful completion of Child Care Orientation Training (CCOT EDCC 1001) before or during the semester;
  5. Candidate should ideally have 480 hours of experience or be employed or volunteering at an approved childcare facility at least 16 hours per week while in CDA training (480 hours of experience are required of the individual before the final assessment process). This should be documented on the required forms and have approval prior to beginning the core coursework. Unless the individual only requires the coursework by itself, this will be inadequate for CDA certification.
EDCC  1001  Child Care Orientation Training   
EDCC  1003  Foundations of Early Childhood Education   
EDCC  1013  Child Growth and Development   
EDCC  1023  Environments for Young Children   
EDCC  1011 Pediatric CPR and First Aid   
Total      11 

Credit Hours

The curriculum is composed of nine (9) credit hours of lecture, one (1) credit hour of clinical practicum, a course in American Heart Association First Aid Training and Pediatric CPR. The student must either be employed (a minimum of 16 hours per week) during the entire course of study or be a volunteer (a minimum of 16 hours per week) at a facility.

Exceptions to Clinical Practicum and Options

  • Exception – Has a qualified advisor and has 480 or more hours of experience in a licensed day care.
  • Action – Provide proof of experience to division chair, and credit will be granted (if recommended by instructor and advisor).
  • Exception – Works 16 hours or more per week at a licensed day care but doesn’t have a qualified advisor.
  • Action – Enroll in core courses and document the required work hours on the required forms. Enroll in 3-credit hour practicum course, and a qualified advisor will be determined (recommendation by instructor and advisor).