Note: There is a special application and deadline for this program.

The Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium (ARNEC) is a co-operative effort of six two-year colleges including the University of Arkansas Hope – Texarkana.

As a part of ARNEC, UAHT offers a program for  LPN/LVN to continue their education for Registered Nursing. Graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Nursing, which prepares them to apply for RN licensure and sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. ARNEC strives to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, accessible, and affordable Registered Nursing program to students in rural Arkansas.

Classes begin in January and students graduate in December. ARNEC combines classroom instruction with clinical experiences to educate students on the roles, knowledge base, and responsibilities of RNs. Nursing lectures are delivered  by real-time streaming to each campus two afternoons/evenings per week. Tests are computerized and may be taken at varying times throughout the week. There are readings and assignments required to be completed outside of class and clinical. Most clinical experiences are scheduled for weekends.

This program meets the requirements of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing for an RN program. Due to the strenuous nature of the nursing curriculum, the college reserves the right to determine eligibility of any student to enroll or continue in the nursing program. Eligibility is determined by the faculty’s evaluation of the student’s required general education curriculum GPA, and the score on the pre-entrance exam. 

Applicants: All general education courses, except for one, must be completed by the application deadline (August 31st). The one remaining course must be completed by December, before classes begin. Students must have all general education requirements completed by the time classes begin in January. 

All students applying to the ARNEC program are responsible for reading and acknowledging the information within the Arkansas Nurse Practice Act, ACA §17-87-312. All students entering the nursing program will be required to have a criminal background check. Results of the background check may affect an applicant’s application status and future with the program as certain findings will render the student unable to complete the clinical requirements of the program.  According to the ASBN (2017) if an individual has pled guilty, nolo contendere to, or been found guilty of any offense listed in ACA §17-3-102, he/she is not eligible for Arkansas nursing licensure. ACA §17-3-102 provides opportunity to request a waiver of eligibility criteria related to a criminal background in certain circumstances. During the program, students must refrain from committing any criminal offense which could bar or encumber the nursing license (see Background Check Procedure) and must abide by all policies and procedures of the program. Please visit CBC_FAQ_9.2020.pdf ( for FAQ regarding Background Checks. Full ACA 17-3-102 can be found at CBCAct990of2019.Feb20.pdf ( If an applicant failed in a generic RN program, then later successfully completed an LPN/LVN/LPTN program, the applicant will be eligible to apply to the ARNEC

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Program Pass Rates

LPNs/LVNs/LPTNs are required to complete the following general education requirements prior to entering the RN program.

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General Education Requirements ACTS Index Number* 33
BIOL  2214  Human Anatomy and Physiology I  BIOL 2404 4
BIOL  2224  Human Anatomy and Physiology II  BIOL 2414 4
BIOL  2234  Microbiology  BIOL 2004 4
ENGL  1013  Composition I  ENGL 1013 3
ENGL  1023  Composition II  ENGL 1023 3
RNSG  1033  Math for Nurses  3
BIOL  2203  Nutrition  3
PSYC  2303  General Psychology  PSYC 1103 3
PSYC  2313  Developmental Psychology  PSYC 2103 3
CSCI  1013  Introduction to Computers  CPSI 1003 3
Upon acceptance to the program, students will enroll in the following courses.
Nursing Course Requirements 33
Spring Semester (16 Weeks)  
RNSG  2119  Nursing Process I  9
RNSG  2123  Nursing Practicum I  3
Summer Semester (8 Weeks)  
RNSG 2216 Nursing Process II  6
RNSG  2223  Nursing Practicum II  3
Fall Semester (16 Weeks)  
RNSG  2318  Nursing Process III  8
RNSG  2311  NCLEX-RN Preparation  1
RNSG  2323  Nursing Practicum III  3
Total   66


The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as “No Comparable Course.”  Additionally, courses with a “D” frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary. ACTS may be accessed on the Internet by going to the ADHE website and selecting Course Transfer ( Courses not having an ACTS number may also transfer. Please consult the receiving institution for complete transfer information.