This program of study is designed for students desiring to enter police-related fields of work and for those professionals wishing to upgrade their credentials. The coursework aids in preparing for the many varied jobs in the criminal justice profession.

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Degree Checklist

Course Requirements    Credit Hours
Major Discipline Courses    24 
CRJU  1203  Introduction to Criminal Justice   
CRJU  1313  Criminal Procedures   
CRJU  1323  Criminal Investigations   
CRJU  1403  Arkansas Criminal Law   
CRJU  2023  Introduction to Forensic Science   
CRJU  2043  Evidence   
CRJU  2113  Law Enforcement Ethics   
ENGL  2253  Technical Writing   
General Education Courses     27 
CISS  1013  Introduction to Computers   
ENGL  1013  Composition I   
ENGL  1023  Composition II   
HIST  2013  History of the U.S. to 1865   
HIST  2023  History of the U.S. since 1865   
MATH  1033  Intermediate Algebra   
PLSC  2103  American Government   
PSYC  2303  General Psychology   
SPCH  1313  Principles of Speech   
Electives     9 
Total      60 


Six (6) hours equivalent credit will be given for persons holding a certificate of completion from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, and CRJU 1203 will not be required.