The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope, in conjunction with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, offers prerequisite courses that may be transferred into specific health care majors.

AA UAMS Track Degree Checklist


Courses must be transferable with a non-nursing prefix. Previous coursework may count as electives. All general education prerequisite course grades must be a “C” or higher. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or greater is required for admission.

Students are encouraged to contact the UAMS College of Nursing at UA HOPE-TEXARKANA during their freshman year for complete program requirements. For information, please call (870) 722-8133 or access the College of Nursing’s Web site at

All entering students are required to receive Health Care Provider or Professional Rescuers CPR Certification prior to entering the program.

All general education prerequisites are to be completed prior to the summer entry date each year. All application materials and official transcripts must be received by the College of Nursing Admissions and Registrar’s Office by February 1 of the year the student plans to enter the program.