How do I log in?

Fillable UAHT Student Login Card and Login Video

Once you have located the current schedule of classes, click the LOGIN link next to your COURSE ID. You will then be asked for a USER ID and PASSWORD. Your User ID is your first initial followed by your last name followed by the last four digits of your UAHT student ID number (not your social security number). Your password is your birthday, two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and four digits for the year. Use no punctuation or spaces in either of these. Example: John Smith (student ID of 123006789 and birthdate of March 1, 1987)

User ID: jsmith6789
Password: 03011987

Students will not be able to log on to their online classes until the first day of classes. Check the online academic calendar listed below for the current semester dates.

What do I need to know about online courses?

Student success in online education is very important to us. Here are a few basic guidelines you should consider prior to starting classes.

ONLINE DOES NOT MEAN EASIER: Successful online students have to be very proactive in their studies and take responsibility for their learning. The classes are NOT easier than campus classes – just offered in a different format. Be willing to commit the time necessary to be successful. Online classes require much more time than a face-to-face class. Logging in daily and completing work ahead of schedule are important for success.

TIME MANAGEMENT: While there are many reasons to take an online course, one of the most frequent reasons students choose these courses is because of the convenience. Whether you have a full-time job, don’t want to fight traffic, or are raising a family, balancing school and personal obligations can become a juggling act. Time management may be the biggest factor in succeeding at your online course. Stay organized and avoid procrastination. You will not have someone there face-to-face to remind you of assignments. Schedule more time than you think you need for assignments and tests.

COMPUTER ACCESS, INTERNET, COMPUTER SKILLS: It is essential that students have reliable access to a computer and the internet either at home or on campus! Have a backup plan for your computer, printer, and internet. Save all completed assignments as a backup. Computer skills like using email, uploading files, and navigating a website are also important. It is essential to make sure you have the correct computer software.

ONLINE DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING ONLINE: Understand that certain online courses will require some time on campus, for example, some midterm or final exams and certain courses with labs will require you come to campus. Check the course syllabus or contact an advisor to find out more information.

CALENDAR: After registration, students will not have access to log on to their online classes until the first day online classes begin. Check the UACCH academic calendar for the current semester start dates.


  • Communicate via email including sending attachments
  • Navigate the web using a web browser such as Internet Explorer
  • Be willing to learn how to communicate using a discussion board
  • Be comfortable uploading and downloading saved files to the class website
  • Navigate instructions and tutorials for Blackboard provided in your course
  • Turn assignments in without reminders
  • Paraphrase, quote, and give credit for other people’s ideas
  • Use email and other online technology to contact instructors
  • Be proficient with online communication practices such as “netiquette”
    1. Never call an instructor by their first name! It is disrespectful.
    2. Sarcasm and humor do not transfer in the written word, so denote if you are attempting humor.
    3. Pay attention to where you are posting. Do not post private information in Class Forums, Discussion Forums, or Chats as the whole class will be able to view it. Only place private information to the instructor in email.
    4. Typing in all capitals denotes shouting.


  • Online class tuition is more than traditional face to face
  • If taking more than one course, assignment deadlines will be different
  • • Understand that some courses require a final proctored exam that is scheduled at one of the UA college testing sites. If other arrangements must be made, the instructor must be notified ASAP.
  • Expect to log in to your online course almost daily.
  • Read the syllabus!
  • Keep up with the calendar.
  • Participate in forum discussions.
  • Keep up with your reading. Most online courses are reading intensive
  • Always ask questions if you are confused.
  • Allow instructors 24 hours to respond to emails.
  • You must do your own work. Never login to another student’s class.
  • Students not logging in frequently may be dropped
  • Some classes are “fast track”. Know if you are enrolled in one.

Chrome Lockdown Browser and Monitor

Online students who require a proctored final exam, must schedule those in advance in our testing center. Students can do so by clicking HERE.

LOGIN ARTS2003 01 ARTA1003 Art Appreciation Penningto WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL1201 01 BIOL1014 Biology Lab Clark, B WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL1203 01 BIOL1014 Biology (Lecture) Clark, B WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL2203 01 Nutrition Clark, B WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL2221 01 BIOL2414 Human Anat. & Physiology II Lab Cunninghm WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL2223 01 BIOL2414 Human A & P II Cunninghm WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL2231 01 BIOL2004 Microbiology Lab Walker, L WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BIOL2233 01 BIOL2004 Microbiology Lecture Walker, L WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN BUSS1203 01 BUSI1013 Introduction to Business Youngbld WEB WEB WEB UACCB
LOGIN BUSS1213 01 BUSI2013 Business Communications Holland,K WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN BUSS2203 01 BLAW2003 Business Law Austin,A WEB WEB WEB UACCB
LOGIN CISS1013 01 CPSI1003 Introduction to Computers Hardie, B WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN EDGE1003 01 College Life Skills Whatley WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN ENGL1013 01 ENGL1013 English Composition I Berry, J WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN ENGL1023 01 ENGL1023 English Composition II Bryant,R WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN ENGL2023 01 ENGL2113 World Literature I Dykes, A WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN ENGL2123 01 ENGL2123 World Literature II Maggio, A WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN FSED1003 01 Funeral Service Chemistry Butler, L WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN FSED1013 01 Funeral Service Anatomy Sheppard WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN HIST1023 01 Arkansas History Shupe, S WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN HIST1113 01 HIST1113 World Civilizations I Patterson WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN HIST1123 01 HIST1123 World Civilizations II Shupe, S WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN HIST2013 01 HIST2113 U.S. History I Patterson WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN HIST2023 01 HIST2123 U.S. History II WilliamsD WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN MATH1053 01 MATH1103 College Algebra Vance, L WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN MEDL2103 01 Medical Terminology Smith, D WEB WEB WEB UACCB
LOGIN MUSI2103 01 MUSC1003 Music Appreciation Bennett WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN PHED1213 01 HEAL1003 Personal/Comm Health Howe, C WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN PHIL2003 01 PHIL1103 Philosophy Adams, K. WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN PHSC1204 01 PHSC1204 Astronomy Steed WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN PLSC2103 01 PLSC2003 American Government Bagley WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN PSYC2303 01 PSYC1103 General Psychology McKinney WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN PSYC2313 01 PSYC2103 Developmental Psychology McKinney WEB WEB WEB PCCUA
LOGIN RNSG1033 01 Math for Nurses Steed WEB WEB WEB UAHT
LOGIN SOCI2413 01 SOCI1013 Sociology Frye-Kell WEB WEB WEB UACCB
LOGIN SPCH1313 01 SPCH1003 Principles of Speech Stricklnd WEB WEB WEB UACCB

Blackboard Login and Schedule of Classes

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