Students will not be able to log on to their online classes until the first day of classes. Check the online academic calendar for the current semester dates.


Student ID (ex: JSMITH3454) This is your first initial followed by your last name (all uppercase) followed by the last four digits of your student ID number (NOT your social security number). Please note that your log-in will be your legal first initial last name – not nicknames that might appear on your id card.


Birthdate written as mmddyyyy (January 2, 1984 would appear as 01021984)

Our online classes originate from three University of Arkansas campuses. You may be directed to a blue WebCt log-in page or a Blackboard log-in page. Locations will vary, so please follow the appropriate links below to your class.

Log-in Links

For classes ending in section 50 – 69 (check the course number listed on the student schedule):

Once you are looking at the schedule page, click on LOGIN to the left of the course you are enrolled in and follow the login procedure above..

For classes ending in section 70 – 79:

Students with questions related to log-in should contact:

UACCH Webmaster

In your email, please include:

  • Your name
  • The course and section number
  • Your user name/password
  • Explanation of the problem