This academic program is designed to meet specific state or professional needs. It is not accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education owing to the fact that it does not include instruction in the following areas: embalming and related science courses and the general education courses. Students graduating from this program are not eligible to take the National Board Examination or any state board examination for which graduation from an ABFSE accredited program is required.

UAHT Funeral Service Education Program Application

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Course Requirements ACTS Index Number* Credit Hours
FSED 1001 Funeral Service Orientation & Ethics
FSED 1002 History of Funeral Service
FSED 1033 Funeral Directing
FSED 2223 Business & Funeral Law
FSED 2103 Funeral Psychology/Sociology
FSED 1313 Funeral Merchandising & Management
Total 15

**Any student pursuing an embalmer’s license in the State of Arkansas must complete the Associate in Applied Science Degree. This Funeral Director Technical Certificate is NOT required for a funeral director’s license in the State of Arkansas. However, the curriculum is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the profession.

Other Funeral Services programs available at UAHT:

Technical Certificate in Funeral Directing
Technical Certificate in Funeral Directing – Online
Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Service Education


The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as “No Comparable Course.”  Additionally, courses with a “D” frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary. ACTS may be accessed on the Internet by going to the ADHE website and selecting Course Transfer ( Courses not having an ACTS number may also transfer. Please consult the receiving institution for complete transfer information.